A Brief History of WWII

A Brief Time-line of the Western Front

  • September, 1939 – Germany invades Poland
  • April, 1940 – Germany invades Scandinavian Countries
  • May, 1940 – Germany invades France
  • June, 1940 – France officially surrenders
  • June 6, 1944 – Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of occupied France, begins.
  • August 19, 1944 – General revolt in Paris, France is liberated
  • May 7, 1945 – German forces surrender unconditionally to General Eisenhower in Rheims

WWII and the Occult

It is popularized and well-known that the Nazis were deeply invested and associated with the occult. Some common conspiracy theories include:

  • Hitler was demonically possessed.
  • Aleister Crowley, a famous English occultist, was thought to have possibly worked for the nazis.
  • It was rumored that Erik Jan Hanussen, an Austrian, Hebrew clairvoyant and mystic taught Hitler to have supernatural charisma.
  • Nazi Germany actively searched for occult artifacts.

The French Resistance

The French Resistance was an eclectic, semi-official organization of partisans and freedom-fighters who fought to end the Nazi Occupation of France. It’s members included french partisans, OSS agents, anti-fascist Spaniards, anti-fascist Italians, Jews, communists, sympathetic foreign nationals, and many, many others. There were a lot of reasons to be pissed at the Nazis.

The Resistance performed many key services for the allies, including sabotage, espionage, arranging safe passage for Jews, and guerrilla warfare. Perhaps the height of the French Resistance was the Liberation of Paris, a full-scale revolt of Parisians against the German occupiers organized and predominantly fought by the Resistance.

A Brief History of WWII

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