The year is 1942. France has been occupied for two full years, and yet you’ve stayed behind; avoiding the jack-booted SS thugs and somehow getting by. One evening, a young boy or girl tugs at your coat, and hands you a slip of paper with the mark of the French Resistance upon it.

Opening it, you find a date, a time, and the address of a local cafe…

Your Character

When submitting a character, please use the format provided by this generator and account for your exp expenditure.

Characters start off with 30 experience. You’re no neonate, but your not exactly the most experienced vampire out there.

All bloodlines are available.

You may not spend Merit Dots to get blood potency.

The ‘Computer’ skill is non-applicable.

All covenants are available, but keep in mind that they won’t be of much use to you now.

Your Humanity begins at 5, and pick one minor derangement. The horrors of war have a profound effect on people.

This will be a combat and stealth-based campaign. Many of your short-term goals will consist of sabotage, espionage, and guerrilla warfare. Your long-term goal is the liberation of France and the destruction of Nazi Germany. There’s many reasons for this to be your goal. Pick one.

Merit Suggestions


  • French – Unless this is your native language or you have a pretty decent grasp of it, you are gonna have a hard time getting by in France
  • German – Know thy enemy, or, at least, what he’s saying.

Allies (Black Market) – Forget about Resources, money sure as hell isn’t gonna help you now. Better to invest in friends who know how to get things that go boom, bang, and ka-THOOM. For game purposes, treat this merit as ‘Resources’ when buying things.

Other Suggestions

Specialize. While it’s good for everyone to know how to work a gun or throw a punch, not everybody needs to be an expert in the occult or be a master wheel-man.

Making stuff blow up is half the fun. The craft skill determines how successful you are at sabotage, and it’s good to have someone who specializes in making things go ‘boom’ on the team.

Nazis don’t talk much. While you might get lucky and be able to talk your way out of a situation once or twice, in general, Nazi’s shoot first and ask questions later. Investing heavily is social skills is probably not the best use of your time.

The only way into most Nazi facilities or past Nazi checkpoints is knocking out a Nazi, stealing a uniform, and using the disguise skill.


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