Kindred of Paris

Kindred Before the Occupation

Kindred have always been apart of the City of Light, going back to it’s earliest beginnings. Prior to the German occupation, the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum were the strongest covenants in the city.

Kindred and the Occupation

Following the occupation of Paris, many kindred fled the city (and Europe) for greener pastures. Many feared the Nazi’s obsession with the occult would lead to their capture, torture, and experimentation. Far better to wait out a (relatively brief from Kindred perspectives) war than to suffer at the hands of Nazis. It is rumored that some Nazi sympathizers among the kindred have joined the Vichy regime, the Reich, and may have even helped facilitate the occupation of France.

Simply put, the existing political structures of the Kindred in Paris have dissipated. There is no Prince, no Sheriff, no Elysium. It is rumored that elite German units hunt vampires and other supernatural beings, and the predator has most certainly become the prey.

Some Kindred, notably of the Carthian Movement, have chosen to stay behind and fight the fascist regime, swept up in the ideals of the time. Others simply did not get out in time, came to France expressly to fight, or thought themselves too powerful to be put in too much danger.

The occupation, as an entity, has stretched the policing resources of the Wehrmacht. It is difficult for the Germans to investigate many crimes, and so lesser offenses tend to go unnoticed. For this reason, all feeding rolls gain a +1 benefit. However, the Germans are keenly interested in strange stories and rumors of vampires, and frenzying will likely draw significant Nazi attention.

Kindred of Paris

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